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  • Our trainers take your fitness goals seriously. We understand that reducing body fat, and gaining muscle can be challenging. Primordial Gym's  mission is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. We analyze your body mechanics, body composition, metabolism,  emotional state, and character strengths to create your individualized fitness 

and lifestyle plan.  No one boosts wellness like Primordial. Sleep better, lower your blood pressure, and control your stress by getting strong the correct way!  Train in a private, supportive, and positive atmosphere that is truly Gymtopia.  No distractions, no crowds, no initiation or membership fees.  State of the Art Scientific Coaching that has an uncompromising safety record and one of the best equipped facilities anywhere. Train pain free. Start your reunion with youth, health, and vitality in a place that values you as an individual.


Training Expertise


Coach Steven Helmicki 

Owner/Chief Wellness Officer at Primordial Strength Inc., a World Class Strength and Conditioning Gym serving all ranges of the population with scientific methodology. Named Top 100 Strongest Coaches to Learn from in 2016 and Beyond by , as well as voted the #16 best Unconventional Trainer in the World by MadFit Magazine. Coach Helmicki was a member of the Men’s Health Magazine Fitness Council. 

A former Sub-master World and National Powerlifting Champion, New York State Bench Press Champion at 198 lbs. and 220 lbs., Buffalo Weightlifting Hall of Fame Inductee, Holder of Four World Records and Top Twenty USA Ranking in the 198 lb. and 220 lb. Divisions. A Certified USA Weightlifting Club and Sports Performance Coach since 1995. A USPF State and National Referee, AAU and APF State Referee. Served as USPF New York State Chairman and Co- promoted/directed the USPF 1999 Master’s and Sub-masters Nationals in Buffalo, N.Y.

Coined and trademarked the term “Explosive Power Endurance”- is the prolonged ability to produce explosive power output in athletics developed through the maximization of impulse force, starting strength, speed strength, strength speed, speed endurance, endurance speed, strength endurance, quickness, quickness endurance, explosive power and explosive power endurance achieved through proprietary small and large complex training based in shock and variable method advancement with minimum rest periods that maximize super compensation over the lifetime of the trainee. Raising Po (absolute strength) through tasking the preceding strengths limits DOMS and the negative effects of Po developed through maximums. This leads to unparalleled quickness, speed, jumping, reactive ability and power that is available in cardiovascular taxing activities.

Coach Helmicki uses breathing and bodyweight calisthenics to enhance movement, mobility, endurance, balance, and muscle elasticity as the foundation of all programming.

A Certified Instructor in the Russian Martial Art SYSTEMA under Vladimir Vasiliev, as well as studying Volk and Izvor in Moscow, Russia under Michael Grudev, Denis Ryauzov, Dimitry Drachin (Master of Sport Judo, Master of Sport Sambo). Taught hand to hand, Tactical breathing, pre-raid psychological preparation and movement enhancement to NY State Police Special Operations Response Team. Boxing Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Excell Holmes, Lionell Thompson and Meecher “Major Pain” Major. Worked Corner/Cut man for NABA Title Fight Meecher “Major Pain” Major versus Logan “Cotton” McGuinnes in Toronto, Ontario. 

In 2007 Primordial Strength Coach Certification began with the United States Marine Corp., West Seneca West High School, Saint Francis High School, Lancaster High School, Southwestern High School, Jamestown High School, Williamsville South High School, Sweet Home High School, West Seneca East High School, Maryvale High School, East Aurora High School, Saint Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and The Park School. All the above listed have had customized programming design and/or certified coaches.

Since 2001 published in the International Strength Journal MILO, a quarterly Journal for Serious Strength Athletes. A regular guest on the podcast Motivation and Muscle and authored/published 50 strength training books, featuring Primordial methods, including two textbooks of the entire body of work from 2007 to 2017 with coaching certification included. Specializing in Compression of Strength and Mobility Mortality, offers substantial expertise in post Physical Therapy Strength and Conditioning and specialized training for 40-90 year olds and beyond. Detailed and precise ability to adjust volume and intensity to break down muscle cell wall without causing DOMS. Near zero injury rate. An Inaugural Ambassador to the Sports Legacy Institute, Author of 3 books on Neck training, concussion prevention and dissipation of contact force, Coach Helmicki is one of the leaders in neck strengthening and concussion prevention.

The Primordial Gym is a Hylthlink Member which connects the most trusted Health and Fitness businesses Worldwide. An official USA Weightlifting Club, Primordial offers every aspect of physical preparation a trainee could ask for.

Coach Steven Helmicki has establish himself as a go to strength and conditioning coach for those with: Freidrich’s Ataxia, Dementia, Parkinson, Spinal cord injuries, gun shot victims, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Neuropathy and orthopedic injuries. Primordial Gym is a welcoming home for Special Olympians. 

His Marine Functional Force Training was a National Academy of Sports Medicine and Coopers Institute approved continuing education coursework. Training specifically designed to reduce non-combat injury rates and prepare the U.S. Marine Football Team at Camp Lejeune.

Steven Helmicki has served as the Chief Wellness Officer for up to 300 million dollar organizations, graduated from SUNY Buffalo and has completed coursework in the Systems Science in Obesity at Johns Hopkins, Introduction to Food and Health at Stanford and the Neuroscience of Decision Making at the University of Copenhagen,  Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content Wharton, Introduction to Marketing Wharton, Introduction to Neuroeconomics National Research University Higher School of Economics, Biomechanical Principles of Energy Metabolism Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Yale The Science of Happiness.  Mr. Helmicki has a certificate in Human Resources Management from Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations and held PHR Certification from the Human Resources Institute. Along with Primordial Nutrition Company, Inc. and Hippocratic Fit Global, Inc., Mr. Helmicki can meet all your wellness needs.   

Your Success is Our Goal


 We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often fails. That's why we individualize our methods based on your ability. That's right! We adapt to you, and recognize there is no one size fits all!  Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle .  We connect you with solutions specific to your needs. Affordability is key and $36.00 gets you session one and the first step towards a stronger and more vibrant you!


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